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Welcome to the Callaghan Tax Service, Inc. website.

Due to my ongoing health issues, I continue to be unable to accept new clients. I spend approximately 5 hours a day on dialysis which leaves me only a few hours a week for tax preparation. As such, I am only able to prepare returns for family members and a few friends. This website is offered not as a marketing tool, but rather to allow me to interact with people in a safe manner during the pandemic. The site will contain updates to current tax laws as the changes become available, as well as an explanation of how these changes will impact you. In addition, the secure server included with this website allows you to upload and receive tax documents safely while minimizing the need for personal contact. I am also able to provide you with an electronic signature option for signing your e-file authorization documents.

This website exists to provide clients and potential clients with information concerning my unique, low-pressure approach to personal and professional services. I have an excellent client-retention rate and I am extremely proud of the high-quality services that my firm provides.

Please, feel free to browse my website to see the services I offer as well as the many helpful resources I provide. When you are ready to learn more about what I can do for you, I encourage you to contact me.